Welcome to the partner page of the First Creative Travel Agency based in Moscow. We do not pay too much attention to your 'square meters hotel presentations' or typical transfer services. Any DMC could provide basic travel solutions, that is why we only cooperate with those creating a brand new experience for our clients.
If you are thematic individual guide, an owner of a boutique hotel or a creative DMC – we will be pleased to meet you online or offline and start collaboration. Our main sales channels are the official website, social networks as well as our travel designers, so we will be happy to publish information promoting your business and test your services. We are also open to fam trips invitations, especially to any exotic countries.
Feel free to contact us via the email —
We are always inspired to get new nontrivial information.
Feel free to contact us via the email
Our platforms to showcase your business
We use Instagram to collect nontrivial ideas, unusial places and cool hotels at one place. No news, no views, no dull reviews. If you wish to be promoted in a creative way via a Stories-narrative, a visual post or any other kind of collaboration follow us and drop a line.
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